QSleep is an external proficiency testing (EPT) program designed to contribute to sleep laboratory quality control.

EPT is a well established method of laboratory quality assurance and QSleep provides an EPT program specifically designed to evaluate PSG scoring concordance between laboratories and individual scorers.

QSleep is open to any sleep laboratory service, including both adult and paediatric labs.

Who is QSleep?

QSleep originated from an amalgamation of the concordance testing programs developed independently at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in South Australia and the Austin Hospital in Victoria.

How does QSleep work?

Four times per year, two PSG test segments are distributed to participating scorers. Scorers will have approximately a one month period in which to download, score and upload the PSGs. All data transfer is handled by this website. EPT reports are generated and loaded onto the website for viewing by scorers at the end of each cycle. Access by scorers to their results is via secure password login.

How do I participate?

Step 1: Register your lab details.
Step 2: Your nominated QSleep lab co-ordinator will receive an information pack by email which includes a unique laboratory join code to use for scorer registration.
Step 3: Each of your scorers are then able to individually register with QSleep using your laboratory join code.

QSleep will invoice the nominated QSleep co-ordinator (see costs below). Access to the QSleep website is available once you receive your laboratory join code.

How much does it cost?

Fees for QSleep have been designed to provide a sustainable and on-going service to clinical sleep laboratories, and importantly, to continue improving the techniques that have been developed for analysing PSG scoring reliability.

Clinical Programs (Adult, Paediatric)

Fee Due Amount
Lab Registration Payable annually in advance $550.00 per year
Scorer Registration Payable annually in arrears $25.00 per year
Scorer Activity* Payable annually in arrears $25.00 per cycle

Research Programs POA

All prices are GST inclusive.

*Scorer activity is defined as one or more uploads in each cycle.

Is my system compatible?

QSleep is compatible with the following systems:

  • Compumedics Profusion 2, 3 & 4
  • Sandman
  • Alice
  • Embla
  • Nox*

Compatibility with other types of equipment is under development. Laboratories with other systems are welcome to register and we'll keep you updated by email as to progress.

*Please note at this time, Nox EDF licence is required to participate in QSleep. We hope Nox will provide QSleep with the ability to create native Nox PSG files in the near future.


Access to results is by secure password log in. Identified results are only accessible by individual scorers, the laboratory manager and nominated QSleep program co-ordinator.